Tourismus Brand

We take a tour exploring different corners of what could not be more opposite to a beautiful vacation. Tourismus reclaims insults into a statement, embarking on a journey through the LGBTQIA+ community's darkest and most hurtful everyday moments.  Its mission is to wrest the power from hateful words and shed light on why the battle for queer rights is far from over; in fact, it has only just begun. 


Art Director: Anna Hadaier
Text, Editorial: Deniz Erkaradağ
Printers: SDW Neukölln
Designers:  Deniz Erkaradağ & Anna Hadaier


The beginning of these designs did not stem from a mere brainstorming session, but rather from a fateful night back in 2017. Our friend group was forcibly kicked out from a popular pub in Salzburg, Austria, met with the hurtful command to 'get those homos out.' This incident marked the beginning, but certainly not the end, of their encounters with discrimination.