Antiquarz - Saint Jeffrey 06-2022
We love Jeffrey!? The release of Antiquarz's EP evolved into a multimedia intervention that humorously criticizes what it means to aspire to be a 'good' person in a capitalist consumer system through a music video, website, and merchandise. Is there truly a correct way to exist within capitalism? Are we merely unwitting pawns? With the goal of being taken to court by Amazon and Jeff Bezos, the entire project was launched on the website in June 2022.*

*We achieved our goal (in a small, non-harmful matter) and actually had to take the website down.

Production: EGO Kollektiv
Creative Direction: Lukas Pattermann & Anna Hadaier
Director & Designer: Lukas Pattermann
Assistant director: Sarah Steinhäusler
Director of Photography: Anna Hadaier
1st AC: Mikhail Evstratov 
2nd AC: Natalia Brezwan 
Gaffer: Julie Ladina Windisch
Light & BTS: Simon Mück 
Art Department: Simone Kaltenbrunner 
Styling: Katharina Weber 
Editor: Felix Berlet 
Mix & Mastering: Simon Steiner 

Special thanks to AV-Professional Rental and LGL Studio Vienna